The powdercoating division was built to fulfil the need for a quality coating plant in the greater Waikato area that was fast and efficient. We offer a full range of interior and exterior finishes in both standard and architectural grades.

Pre-treatment Tanks:

Dimensions: 1.5m deep x 0.44 wide x 6.9m long.

Our large capacity in-line oven allows for the efficient coating of long and bulky material, and ensures a cost effective run for smaller products. Our large oven can easily coat material up to 8m long.

Booth and Oven Capacity:

Dimensions: 1.75m high x 0.8m wide x 8m long

We are continually investigating newer and more effective treatment methods in order to provide superior coatings that last on aluminium, steel, Duragalv, hot dip galvanisation, stainless steel, and even copper. We coat material to high specifications, and employ external quality auditing to monitor the performance of our coatings.

In addition to daily testing, our pre-treatment system and ovens are monitored externally for efficiency to ensure we have a clean, professional process of only the highest standards. We also offer external testing of products for special orders and recurring work, as this assists with maintaining the high quality of our processes and coatings of your products.

Colour Range

Powder coating is available in a wide variety of colours that are suitable for different applications and purposes. We offer a standard range of colours called our Grade A colours at a competitive price, plus an extensive range via our suppliers Dulux Powder and Industrial Coatings.

We can also give extra protection to steel, Duragalv, and hot dip galvanized material in the form of Zinc Shield.

See www.duluxpowdercoatings.co.nz for a full range of powder coating colours. If you have a specific colour in mind we can help you achieve the look you require. Contact us today if you have any questions or for a no-obligation quote.